These Are a Few of My Favorite Springs

The Best of Spring Roundup | Style & the Suburbs

(Okay I’m a little embarrassed by that title but it’s cute right!)

It’s Easter weekend which is one of my favorite holidays for decorating– so much pink! Everything is new again and the flowers are *almost* ready to bloom in my front yard! I’ve gathered a few of my favorite things about this spring to share with you.

Flower crowns go home decor: How do they keep them from wilting? Maybe we’ll never know but they sure are pretty! If real flowers aren’t your thing, I love this Easter snow flake craft for making perfect place settings!

Image Via Pinterest
Image Via Pinterest

Healthy Easter desserts: I love ways to include something sweet that still is good for you! I plan to make these Superfood Bars for my Easter dessert.

Image Via FoodFaithFitness
Image Via FoodFaithFitness

Young Coconut Kefir: If you do splurge on the Easter candy, aid your recovery with this probiotic kefir. It is made from coconut water and is vegan, soy and gluten-free, and it is handmade in my hometown of Minneapolis. How cute is the packaging!?


Natural dyed eggs: Does anyone’s actually ever turn out this pretty? I wish.

Image Via Home Stories

Happy Easter weekend y’all! 🌸

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