How I Made $1000 Selling Clothes on Poshmark: Tips and Tricks for New Sellers

How I Made My First $1000 Selling Clothes on Poshmark: Tips and Tricks for New Sellers
Necklace available in my closet!

A few weeks ago, I shared my tips for easy ways to declutter your home. One of the best ways to cut back on clutter is by cleaning our your closet. I find myself with a lot of clothes that are gently worn, but I just never wear. I’m a deal hunter and find designer brands for great prices and end up wearing some things a few times, and then never touching them again.

I downloaded the Poshmark app a few months ago because I heard it was a good way to sell designer items. I listed a few items and was surprised by the level of “likes” and offers I received! I’ve been selling for about 6 months now and have made over $1000, often making more than I spent on items in the first place (!!!).

I’ve had a few lessons along the way that could be helpful for newbie sellers:

  1. New or gently used name brand items sell best. I’ve had better luck with designer items or better known chain stores (J Crew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic). Most people search by specific brand, so if it’s not popular it’s harder to be seen.
  2. It’s free to list and if you make a sale, you just have to print the prepaid label and drop in a mailbox. So easy!
  3. Items sell at about 70% off the retail price. This depends on the condition of the item but is a good starting point. The buyers have to pay shipping and Poshmark takes a fee off of each sale, so you need to consider how much a buyer would be willing to pay with shipping, and how much Poshmark will take from your earnings. You can have your earnings sent to you as a check or a direct deposit once the buyer accepts the item.
  4. Buyers can bid on items, so I always start a little higher and put items on sale to create interest. You can also set your store to have a discount if buyers purchase more than one item to drive sales! Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a deal.
  5. Sales are final, but buyers can leave reviews. I try to be very up front if there’s any damage or strange sizing so people are happy with their purchase. I have had a few bizarre questions and exchanges with customers, but for the most part people are really happy to buy from your closet!
  6. Clear photos work best. People want to see details and how the item fits since sales are final.
  7. I do not buy on Poshmark. There are some great items out there but I had a very poor experience buying an item that was not accurately described, and the Poshmark people were NOT very helpful in the return process. I’d rather spend my hard earned money somewhere that has good customer service, but that’s my personal preference.
  8. Being engaged drives sales. I try to answer any questions and respond to bids quickly since it could be the make or break to buying an item. Adding new items brings new people to look at everything you’re selling. I try to sell a variety of items- clothes, shoes, jewelry- to attract a wide variety of shoppers.

Overall, it’s a great way to make a little extra shopping money and clean out stuff that’s just taking up space in my house! If you’d like to try Poshmark, use invite code THEMISSJENN when you sign up to receive $5 off your first purchase!

Have you tried Poshmark or another clothing resale app? I’d love to know your experience!

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