DIY Patio Chair Cushions

A few years ago, I created new cushions for my patio bistro chairs. I made a pattern for the chair seats, cut out a board and foam to create the cushion, and then make a fabric shell with an elastic edge to go over it. I used elastic vs. upholstering to the cushion so that the shell would be removable to wash, dry, or replace.

This summer, it was time for a refresh! I found this amazing Tommy Bahama outdoor fabric that has inspired my patio theme for this year (can I grow pineapples in Minnesota??).

DIY Patio Cushion Covers | Style & the Suburbs

The covers are so easy to make– you just cut the fabric 2″ larger than the circumference of the cushion bottom. Since the fabric has such a distinct print, I made sure the print was placed where I wanted it to be on each cushion before cutting. Then, you just sew elastic around the edges. By stretching the elastic as you sew, it creates a gathered edge that stretches over the base and cushion foam. Voila!

DIY Patio Chair Cushions | Style & the Suburbs

DIY Patio Chair Cushions | Style & the Suburbs

I can’t wait to update with photos of my patio this summer! 🍍


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