Seeing Green 🍀

Green: the color of my favorite coffee chain, suburban #lawngoals, the plants that I don’t kill, and the worst football teams.

Shades of green have been trending in home decor for a while now, but it hasn’t always been my favorite color to use in my house, but its grown on me when used as an accent. See some of my favorite green-inspired rooms and how I’ve interpreted them in my own home below. PSA: most of the pants are still green because they’re fake. Apparently just because I’m part Irish, does not mean I have a green thumb.


Image via More than Ideas

My Home (this plant is actually alive):

Seeing Green | Style and the Suburbs


Image via Dreamy Whites

My Home: IMG_1297


Image via

My Home (LOL this ones a stretch..):

Styling Home Decor with the Color Green | Style and the Suburbs

3 thoughts on “Seeing Green 🍀

  1. Don’t feel guilty about fake plants. I was a professional grower, and still the plants in my home were fake!!! Partly because I was never home (always at the herb farm) but mostly because the spots that I wanted touches of green would never have supported life! (And I couldn’t bear to have sacrificial plants.) Green is my favorite color…vitality, energy, life…every home needs some!

    1. Hey, thanks for this comment. I always had a problem keeping my plants alive (always moving)… and wasn’t for the fake ones… so its a relief to hear it from a pro!! ^^

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