Faux Stainless Appliance Hack

I recently began my kitchen remodel that I have been dreaming of since I bought my house. The project will be done in steps (aka as I can afford them!). Last month I FINALLY upgraded my pretty ugly 1980’s fridge to a shiny new stainless steel one. It was quite a hunt to find a fridge that fit in the existing cupboards, but my new model ended up giving me a little more space, which is an interior design miracle, if you ask me.

I love how the fridge looks, but immediately hated how the dishwasher looked next to it. My long term plans include removing the dishwasher and hiring an expert to rebuild the cupboards. The previous owners cut a hole in the cupboards and installed a new dishwasher before I bought the house, and the instruction manual is still sitting inside of it. 😦

For now, I remembered seeing stainless steel contact paper on pinterest and ordered some for $5 online. The paper was pretty easy to install– I made sure there was no dust on the surface and cut the measurement to wrap around the face of the dishwasher. Always balling on a budget.

Note– I don’t know how the paper would hold up if you actually used an appliance. I would be concerned with the heat and steam affecting the adhesion. But since I don’t actually use my kitchen (kidding.. sort of ), it works perfect for me! Can you even tell the difference?

Faux Stainless Steel Appliance Hack | Style and the Suburbs



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