Ikea Hack: DIY Stone Top End Tables

I recently got a new (aka vintage that was given to me) headboard for my bed but didn’t like how my cheapie IKEA side tables looked with it. After hunting for new tables and not finding anything that looked good with the headboard (and that I could afford.. balling on a budget here), my coworker suggested looking for some type of flooring that I could refinish the tables with.

After one pass through my local home improvement store, I found these amazing 18″ ceramic tiles in the clearance bin. I wasn’t sure if they would fit my tables perfect, but I have a tile saw from previous projects and figure I could cut to fit. The tiles were $2 each and ended up fitting my tables perfect! I was thinking of using an adhesive to secure them, but they’re so heavy that I didn’t think it was necessary. I love the way it updated the tables and made them look a little fancy– $4 fancy!

IKEA Hack: Stone Top End Tables | Style and the Suburbs

How to Style a Simple Pretty Bedroom | Style & the Suburbsmaster BR after


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