Steals and Splurges: My Favorite Running Gear

A little over a year ago, I picked up running as a way to relieve stress and fill my free time after I was laid off from my job. The good news of this story is that I went back to my job shortly after and all this time later, I’M STILL RUNNING! It was a pretty slow transition for me into a healthier lifestyle, but the more I ran, the more I wanted to be healthy all around.

I’m also so proud to say that I just finished my second half marathon and finished in under 2 hours! Over the course of my training, I’ve tried a lot of gear and thought I’d share my favorites to save you the hard work (or blisters).

Best Shoes: Nike Pegasus 32 (or the *new* 33’s)
When I first started running in cheapie DSW Nikes that weren’t even running shoes (#fail), I experienced a lot of foot pain that actually sidelined me for a while. A friend recommended these as a supportive running shoe and after I got a pair, I have never looked back! I’ve tried other shoes here and there but the pesky pain comes back. In the winter, they offer a water-proof and reflective version Nike just came out with the new model and I love it just as much. I start to change my shoes out around 300 miles because I can sense they aren’t as supportive. Getting me to buy a new pair of shoes is not difficult though..


Best Sports Bra: Nike Pro Indy

These are the comfiest sports bra I’ve found and they are great for running. Or wearing pretty much every day like I do. They wash and wear really well too.

the best running gear | style and the suburbs |


Best Phone Holder: Shockstock from Amazon
It drives me crazy if anything moves around when I’m running and I’ve tried quite a few arm bands to hold my iphone 6 while running. This cheapie option is the better than ones I’ve bought for double the price. It holds my phone in place and is super comfortable. It even has a secure slot to put my key!

Best Running Pants: Champion from Amazon
This has been my little secret for a while, but these $20 pants from amazon are AMAZING. They stay up while running (which is my biggest problem with pants) and they last way longer than pricer options that I have bought. They’re super basic, but work well for running or any other workout.

Best for Winter: Nike Pro Hyperwarm Collection
I live in Minnesota and run outside most of the winter. Nike makes a great line of gear that keeps you warm during the freezing winter. I have a collectin of pants, base layer shirts, and jackets that I layer depending on how cold it is. I love their zip ups so that I can unzip if I start to get warm. They also include a lot of reflective elements which is helpful when its dark in the morning and evenings. I’m still on the hunt for the best shoe spikes for icy roads.

the best running gear | style and the suburbs |


I’m still searching for the best-ofs for wireless headphones and socks. And for spikes for winter, ones that ACTUALLY stay on. Any suggestions? What are your favorite fitness products??


3 thoughts on “Steals and Splurges: My Favorite Running Gear

  1. Glad you’re re-employed and still running!

    Good advice on the warm weather gear. I’m in Minnesota too, and have not found many good options and tend to head to the YMCA during those months, where I run on the DREADmill. Of course, the other side of that is that the snowplows need to actually plow the roads for me to run on.

    As far as cleats/spikes, I’ve got nothing to offer you there. I’ve tried running with my yaktraks on, but that’s no good for support.

    1. I’ve tried ones called ‘due north’ which were nice when they stayed on my shoes, and not nice when I had to walk 6 blocks to find where I lost one! And I’m always scared that I’ll get taken out by a snow plow! 🙂

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