Live Beautifully


I was recently inspired to re-launch my blog to better connect with other inspirational people. My new life motto is to live beautifully, which to me means to make healthy choices on how I treat my body, to work hard and appreciate the little things, and to inspire those around me. Much of this blog is dedicated to making your home a beautiful space, but I hope you see the love and passion that goes into it.

I hope you will join in and help me stay inspired! Where do you pull inspiration from? How do you live beautifully?

2 thoughts on “Live Beautifully

  1. A beautiful, motivating theme that is timely and healing. First of all, I try to rid my body and emotional space of toxcity. Easier said than done but it’s a daily mindfulness exercise. I also try to incorporate the principles of reusing, reducing and recycling in my lifestyle, art and work. Whatever I can do to help the environment. Making Earth a beautiful place is my first priority. Be well and have a lovely Thursday. xo

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