Go Ahead and Buy It: 5 Smart Fashion Splurges

As a fashion designer who can’t say no to a deal, I’ve made a few good and not so good splurges in my life. Some items I thought I needed sit in my closet collecting dust, while others have been worth the investment. Here are the tried and true items I’ve found to be worth spending a little more on:
1. Classic Jeans: I have a closet full of jeans, yet reach for the same one every time. My personal favorite is Madewell’s Skinny Skinny in a dark rinse. Madewell claims their jeans won’t stretch out, but I’ve found that they do just a little so I buy them with a snug fit. The jeans maintain their dark color well, and the denim has not worn out over many casual Fridays like some other brands do. Madewell’s jeans also aren’t ridiculously priced, and they send out coupons once you join their mailing list.
Its also worth having your jeans hemmed or tailored to fit just right if you’re going to wear them hundreds of times!
2. A Tan Wedge: A tan wedge is my go-to for summer looks. Tan is a great neutral that matches almost everything, and the wedge looks great with everything from skinny black work pants, to jeans, to sundresses.The wedge is less risky than a heel, especially for summer outings (hello grass!). The key is to find one that fits well and is comfortable to walk in. I’ve worn out my favorite pair the past few summers and finally found a replacement. Do you see the sole on these things?

3. A Nice Watch: I splurged on a nice watch with my first paycheck from my first big-girl job. I’m happy I went with something classic because its lasted years and still looks nice with any outfit. I picked a style that had both silver and rose gold so it even matches different colors of jewelry. The time and date are still usually wrong on it, but thats what phones are for.
4. A Fancy Dress: I picked up a beautiful black silk maxi dress on sale at J.Crew last year and its become my go-to “fancy” look. Its neutral and subtle enough that it can be styled in different ways and not look like I’m wearing the same dress over and over. And its nice not to have to panic and run out shopping for a new dress that I’ll wear once for every occasion.
5. A Silky White Blouse: So I’ve actually splurged on like 12 of these but I end up wearing them all the time. They’re pretty season-less and can be dressed up with a skirt or look casual with jeans or shorts. The white color is another good neutral that you can add a scarf or statement necklace to, and not end up looking like you wear the same outfit again and again. Just be careful with the morning coffee when you’re wearing white!
The not so good splurges:
1. Anything that isn’t your size but is on sale and if you went to the gym every day for the next 6 months it would fit.
2. If a pair of shoes pinches your feet in the store, it will only be 100 times worse when you get it home and try to wear them for a day. And then you can’t return them.
3. The dress that would be cute if you were ever invited to a _______ – themed party. Said party probably won’t happen and then you’ll just have a gold silk flapper dress sitting in your closet with the tags on it for 4 years.
Smartly splurge away friends!

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