5 Tips To Make Your Home More Inviting

I always tell people that the goal of my house is to make it look like no one lives there. Extreme? Maybe. But you never know when HGTV is going to show up at your door. If you don’t have the time to keep everything looking perfect, here are some easy tips to create a more inviting space.

1. Make your bed every day. I know it takes a whole 2 minutes that you don’t have, but take the time and add it into your morning routine. It makes your room look put together, which can make you feel less stressed throughout the day. And it’s so much nicer to go to sleep in a nicely made bed than a mess of blankets.

2. Open the curtains and windows. Another routine that I have picked up is to open the curtains in my house each morning. Letting the sunlight in gives you better lighting and a more airy feel in your home. If it’s warm enough, always open then windows to let the breeze in too. One of my favorite parts of my house is the way the sunlight pours in different rooms at different times of the day.

3. Bring the outside in. My favorite time of year is when the flowers in my yard start blooming so I can fill my house with them. They are great accents and bring a pop of color to any room. When the lilacs and peonies start blooming, I have a vase of them in every room of the house. I also love growing herbs in little pots in my house until they are ready to be planted outside. (Just don’t spill them on the white carpet like I’ve done more than once!)

4. Tidy up. Keep surfaces dusted and the mirrors and glass in your home clean. There is nothing I hate more than a streaky bathroom mirror. Even if you only have a few minutes, a quick dusting and some glass cleaner can make a big difference. Treat yourself by using a nice cleaner that leaves your house smelling nice as you do your chores!

5. Invest in entryway organization. I struggle with this point due to the lack of space around the doorways in my house. Coats, purses, piles of shoes, and mail end up stacked in the same place. I dream of a beautiful mudroom for my house (maybe a future renovation?) but for now, I want to at least add some coat hooks and a little storage bench. A future DIY post in the making!




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