Keeping Organized: DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Labels

Here’s a quick DIY idea that I used to update my laundry room storage cabinets. I just use the cabinets to store my holiday decorations and painting supplies, but there’s no reason they can’t be a little fancy. This project would also be really cute to keep organized in a kids’ playroom or a craft room.

Keeping Organized: DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Labels -- jenniferrobertusdesign

Here’s how I did it:

-First, I gave the cabinets a coat of fresh paint in a sage green color. Since I was painting over existing paint, I used a liquid sanding product. You just wipe it on with a rag and wait a few minutes for it to dry and it takes the glossy finish off of the old paint, allowing the new paint to stick. It’s so much easier than sanding.

-I then decided what shape I wanted my chalkboard labels to be. I sketched this out on cardstock folded in half (to get a symmetrical shape and then used it as a stencil to trace on the cabinets.

-I used an acrylic chalkboard paint to add decorative labels to the cabinets. The first coat of chalkboard paint always looks a little sheer, so its best to do one coat, let it dry completely, then do another.

Keeping Organized: DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Labels

Keeping Organized: DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Labels

To make the room a little more fun, I used self adhesive wallpaper to create the striped look on the stairs. It was really easy to work with, but you don’t get a lot of paper in one tube– what you see in the picture was the entire tube minus a few scraps. For the cost of $29.99, I think I would attempt just painting the stripes on my own and spend the money on something else.


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