DIY Patio Chair Covers

Spring is in the air and I wanted to share a project that I did last year to fix up an old patio table that I received from a neighbor.

I started with adding a fresh coat of teal paint. The metal chairs did not have any type of cushion so I created my own!

Here’s how I did it:

-Materials: 1/2″ thick board, foam (I used a mattress topper), outdoor fabric (I used Sunbrella brand), 2 yards of elastic

-I measured the circumference of the chair seat and deducted 1/2″ so that the board would fit in the seat, not sit on top of it. I cut this circumference out of a 1/2″ thick board.

-I cut the same sized circle out of a memory foam mattress topper. (I always buy at least one of these for future craft projects when they’re on clearance after back to college timing).

-I added 2″ to the measurement around the circle for the fabric cover for it to fit over the foam and board. I sewed elastic around the circle to create a shower cap looking cover.

-I fit the cover over the board with the foam in between and I had my little chair cushion! I didn’t want to staple down the fabric so the foam could be taken out if it ever got soaking wet.

I repeated the steps for each chair and had super cute little cushions. I try to remember to take them inside if it’s going to rain, but they’ve held up well over one summer.

Hope this idea could work for one of you!


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