DIY Rustic Flag & Porch Remodel Inspiration

In addition to fashion and home decor, my biggest passion in life is football. It’s the just the best, and explains why I accomplish nothing on the weekends from August to February.

One of my favorite players, JJ Watt recently posted a picture of his defensive player of the year (should have been MVP) award with an awesome rustic wooden flag hanging in the background.

Since it was a non-football season Saturday, I decided making one that looked like it would be my weekend project.

I ripped apart some old trellis fencing to get pieces for the flag stripes, and found an old board for the stars part. Dad was kind enough to cut the wood for me since I wouldn’t be able to blog anymore if I lost multiple fingers.

I stained the red stripes with a red wood stain and painted the white with some white paint I had lying around. I applied the stain with a foam brush and didn’t wipe it on too heavy. I painted the white paint on with steel wool so that it would have a more aged appearance. I added a brownwood stain to the stars part of the flag to give it more of an aged look.

DIY rustic American flag. Jenniferrobertusdesign

After letting it it all dry, I used sandpaper to scuff up the red and white boards so they didn’t look freshly painted. I used wood glue and clamped the pieces to a backer board.

I plan to put the flag on my porch and do a little remodel to give it a rustic Americana look. I’m In the process of pulling together the inspiration right now!


DIY rustic American flag. Jenniferrobertusdesign

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