DIY Gold Dipped Table

Do it yourself gold dipped table tutorial. Easy DIY!

I’ve been on a great journey to remodel my basement into a more livable space. When I bought my house, it was just sort of giant and empty with lots of spiders. I’ve been chipping away at it as I find good deals on pieces and materials– it’s hard for me to justify spending a lot on rooms I don’t use every day! With a basement it’s so easy to just leave the project when you’re sick of working on it and not have to sit and look at what you’re not done with.

I decided to create a gym/’mancave’ in the entry room to the basement. Mancave is the working title–any ideas on what to call rooms where single girls watch lots of football? I’ve been collecting vintage Minnesota football items as inspiration for the room. I’m hoping it makes the room a little more chic/ a little less beer commercial.

I’ve done everything from stripping paint of cabinets, to building walls, and installing 500 square feet of tile floors in the basement, but one of the easiest little projects I did was a gold dipped table to use as a stand for a tv.

I wanted some sort of stand to place the tv for my gym on but I didn’t want it to take up too much space. (I obviously need lots of open space in the gym I don’t actually use…). I checked out target looking for a deal on side tables with no luck, so my next option was to raid my parents house for something to ‘borrow’.  I found this little raw wood table under a tablecloth and negotiated my way into taking it home.

I decided to paint it a clean white to keep things simple, but noticed my collection of gold spray paint as I was grabbing the paint can. I thought it would be fun to add a little pop of gold on the bottom of the table legs.

Here’s how to make it:

table/chair/whatever piece you want
white base paint (I used acrylic semigloss)
gold spray paint (I used rustoleum and am super happy with the metallic look and color)
painters tape

-I didn’t sand or prep the table in any way because it was raw wood. You may need to depending on what you start with.

-Wait for the base paint to fully dry before taping and spray painting.

-Add painters tape to the legs where you want to create the end of the gold line. Make sure it’s stuck down extra well so there isn’t bleeding. Cover the rest of the legs so the gold spray paint doesn’t end up everywhere.

-Go outside, wear a mask, cover the ground so you don’t get gold paint on the sidewalk (oops), don’t let children eat the paint, etc.

-Spray paint away! Let it dry. It only took like 20 minutes but it was also 5 degrees outside when I did this. So just read the instructions. Paint a second coat. Dry again.

-Remove the tape and you’re dome!

As I was waiting for paint to dry I did a quick Pinterest search for gold dipped tables and found my exact one on a buzzfeed article and felt way less cool about myself. It was still a completely free project by reusing supplies I already have and I’m happy with how it looks! Gold dip it all!


Gold dipped table DIY.

Home gym. DIY.

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